You can find on this page the Vancouver transport map to print and to download in PDF. The Vancouver transportation map presents the transports network and transport zones of the transit of Vancouver in British Columbia - Canada.

Vancouver transports map

Map of Vancouver public transports

The Vancouver transport map shows all means of transportation in Vancouver. This transports map of Vancouver will allow you to move easily with public transport of Vancouver in British Columbia - Canada. The Vancouver transportation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The Metro Vancouver operates a regional rapid mass transit network, under the auspices of the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (formerly Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority). Known as TransLink, it is responsible for all aspects of municipal transportation. In addition to public transport, TransLink is also responsible for maintaining roads and providing ferry service within the Lower Mainland as you can see in Vancouver transport map.

The Translink system – which includes the SkyTrain, the SeaBus ferry and numerous bus routes – is both manageable and affordable. Getting into town from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is also easy: you can use the Canada Line rail system or you can hop in a cab. Taxis fares from the airport to downtown Vancouver cost roughly CA$28 to CA$36 (about $22 to $28) as its shown in Vancouver transport map. The airport is located about 6 miles southwest of the city center. If you have chosen to fly into the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA), you will find plenty of car rental companies there, too. You can also take a shuttle from Sea-Tac to several locations in Vancouver: Round-trip tickets cost $99 each.

In Spring 2020, TransLink launched the Safe Operating Action Plan, or SOAP, a program carefully designed to keep Metro Vancouver moving safely as BC economy restarts as its mentioned in Vancouver transport map. As part of this action, a number of Safety Tips are available on how to use transit in the coming months to ensure physical distancing is respected and everyone feels safe. In addition to public transit options, two companies operate small ferries cross False Creek to the south of the downtown core, which also make a fun, convenient way to see Vancouver.

Vancouver zone map

Map of Vancouver zones

The Vancouver zone map shows all transport zones in Vancouver. This zone map of Vancouver will allow you to know the prices of public transport of Vancouver in British Columbia - Canada. The Vancouver zones of transports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The Translink system includes buses, the SeaBus ferry and the SkyTrain (light rail), all of which are ecologically friendly, reliable and inexpensive. Regular service runs from about 5 a.m. to around 1 a.m. every day. One-way adult fares cost CA$2.85 (about $2.20); children one-way fares cost CA$1.80 (less than $1.50). These fare prices are for traveling within the zone 1 limits of the city public transit system. (Most of Vancouver top attractions reside within zone 1 as you can see in Vancouver zone map; prices increase when traveling outside the city center to spots like Richmond or North Vancouver, for instance.) Day passes cost CA$10 (around $7.75) for adults and CA$7.75 (about $6) for children ages 5 to 13 and seniors, and include unlimited rides on all buses, SeaBus ferries and the SkyTrain. You can buy tickets and passes from any authorized retail location, such as 7-Eleven, Safeway or London Drugs. Keep in mind that you will need exact change to purchase a one-way ticket.

Compass Tickets, when purchased from a CVM, are single fare electronic tickets, usable on buses, Skytrain lines and the SeaBus. Regular adult fares are $2.75 for one zone, $4.00 for two, or $5.50 for three zones as its shown in Vancouver zone map. Regular fares apply on weekdays before 6:30 pm. Concession fares, including children between 5 and 13 and seniors over 65 years of age, cost $1.75, $2.75 an $3.75 for one, two and three zones respectively. After 6:30 pm weekdays, and all day on weekends and holidays, the adult fare through the whole system is $2.75 - Adults and $1.75 - Concession. A Compass Ticket purchased on the bus is a paper ticket, good for using only on buses. Exact fare in coins is needed on the bus. Travelling by only bus will require a one zone ticket throughout all zones at all times, $2.75/$1.75. A fare is good for 90 minutes within the purchased zone, with no restrictions on transfers. Additional fares apply on the West Coast Express service.

Greater Vancouver is divided into three fare zones for SkyTrain and SeaBus as its mentioned in Vancouver zone map, while bus journeys are charged at a one-zone rate regardless of the distance. Zones are in effect during peak periods, from start of service until 6:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Tickets are valid for travel for up to 90 minutes, and allow you to transfer across different modes of transit, as long as travel is within the zone(s) that you originally paid for. The exception is cash fares paid on the bus, which allow you to transfer to other buses, but not to SkyTrain or SeaBus services. Concession fares are available for children 5 – 13 years, children 14 – 19 years with a valid Translink GoCard, and seniors 65+ with proof of age. Children under 4 years ride free. Fares are as follows: One Zone: $3.05 Adults / $2.45 Compass Card / $2.00 Concession. Two Zone: $4.35 Adults / $3.35 Compass Card / $3.00 Concession. Three Zone: $5.90 Adults / $4.60 Compass Card / $4.05 Concession.